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We have measured the performance of HTTP GET request using JMH as a benchmark tool:

Time: 29112ms;Average time: 5822.4ms;Best time: 5757ms;Worst time: 5892ms;Requests per second: 171750;

ActiveJ's result is 171.8K RPS on a single CPU. This is not only faster than the highly specialized Vert.x (162.9K RPS), but also with 50% less CPU load.

When using HTTP pipelining, performance reaches 1.5M RPS.

ActiveJ has placed first in the-benchmarker's web frameworks benchmark as per 2022-03-15.

According to the results of the TechEmpower's continuous benchmark runs, ActiveJ HTTP ranks among the top Java servers in the JSON and Plaintext categories.

You can find HTTP benchmark sources on GitHub