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ActiveJ Specializer is an innovative technology for enhancing class runtime performance for JVM. It is one of the ActiveJ technologies with no third-party dependencies, so it can be used as a stand-alone component.

How it works?

ActiveJ Specializer uses ASM library to automatically transform class instances into specialized static classes, and class instance fields into baked-in static fields. This enables a wide variety of JVM optimizations for static classes, not possible otherwise: dead code elimination, aggressively inlining methods, and static constants. According to our measures, resulting speed-up could be up to 30%-50% in some cases.

Why ActiveJ Specializer?

This simple example illustrates the core ActiveJ Specializer concept. Suppose there is an INT_UNARY_OPERATOR that can be simplified. INT_UNARY_OPERATOR_SPECIALIZED specializes the equation similarly to the INT_UNARY_OPERATOR_SPECIALIZED_MANUALLY, but does this automagically.

According to the benchmarks the original equation was operated in 69.938 ns, while the manually and automatically specialized took only 26.533 ns and 26.691 ns respectively.

static IntUnaryOperator INT_UNARY_OPERATOR =    new IntUnaryOperatorProduct(        new IntUnaryOperatorSum(            new IntUnaryOperatorSum(                 new IntUnaryOperatorIdentity(),                 new IntUnaryOperatorConst(5)),            new IntUnaryOperatorConst(-5)),         new IntUnaryOperatorConst(-1));
static IntUnaryOperator INT_UNARY_OPERATOR_SPECIALIZED_MANUALLY =    new IntUnaryOperator() {        @Override        public int applyAsInt(int x) {            return -x;        }    };

Ultimate flexibility

ActiveJ Specializer goes far beyond arithmetic equations and can be used in complex use cases. For example, according to the benchmarks ActiveJ Specializer makes ActiveJ Inject DI library faster by third. To apply ActiveJ Specializer to ActiveJ Inject, simply add Injector.useSpecializer() before Injector instantiation.

Add ActiveJ Specializer to your project

You can add ActiveJ Specializer to your project by importing its Maven repository. These docs cover the most recent release of ActiveJ Specializer v5.2 (see on Github or Maven).