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Redefining Java for modern web, cloud, high-load, and microservices solutions

Excellence of your products

Rich stack of unique technologies for lightning-fast and asynchronous web applications with competitive advantage

Alternative architecture

Lightweight and natively scalable async architecture in contrast to Spring and other similar solutions

Ultimate performance

Squeezing the last bits of performance from your hardware, proven by numerous benchmarks

Simple design

ActiveJ was built from the ground up, so it doesn’t feature tons of abstractions hiding the legacy standards

Enjoy the development

Predefined launchers and classes for both typical and more specific use cases combined with ActiveJ Inject DI library enable extremely fast and convenient app development.

public final class HttpHelloWorldExample extends HttpServerLauncher {
AsyncServlet servlet() {
return request -> HttpResponse.ok200().withPlainText("Hello World");
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
Launcher launcher = new HttpHelloWorldExample();

Genuinely high load networking

Ultra-fast means for I/O processing along with a simple abstraction over low-level async sockets I/O. Create servers that process 45M+ RPS on a single CPU core in a few lines of code.

.transformWith(StreamMapper.create(x -> x + " times 10 = " + x * 10))

A step ahead of other solutions

Minimum web application size

1.4 MB


17 MB


Web application launch time

0.65 Sec


14 Sec


ActiveJ Components