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Java framework for modern web, cloud, high-load, and microservices solutions

Full-featured modern Java platform, created from the ground up as an alternative to Spring/Micronauts/Netty/Jetty. It is designed to be self-sufficient (no third-party dependencies), simple, lean and to provide ultimate performance. Consists of a range of libraries, from dependency injection and high-performance async I/O (inspired by Node.js), to application servers and big data solutions

class Main extends HttpServerLauncher {  @Provides  AsyncServlet servlet() {    return request -> HttpResponse.ok200()      .withPlainText("Hello world");  }    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {    Launcher launcher = new HttpHelloWorldExample();    launcher.launch(args);  }}

Minimum dependencies

Lightweight minimalistic self-sufficient Java framework with no third-party dependencies

Rich stack

Features a rich stack of technologies for building lightning-fast and asynchronous applications


Minimalistic, overhead-free design that provides outstanding performance

Best alternative

Full-featured alternative to Spring, Micronaut, Apache Spark, Quarkus, and other solutions

A step ahead of other solutions

Minimum web application size

1.4 MB


17 MB


Web application launch time

0.65 Sec


14 Sec