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Config is a useful tool for configuring application components. It can collect provided configuration from files, class path, system properties, etc. The configuration can then be transformed, overwritten, logged in the runtime.


  • Using a set of standard data converters to/from a config
  • Ability to specify default values for properties
  • Ability to save all used properties into a file



To run the examples, you need to clone ActiveJ from GitHub

git clone

And import it as a Maven project. Check out tag v5.4.3. Before running the examples, build the project. These examples are located at activej/examples/core/boot

An example of providing configs to your application with Config

public final class ConfigModuleExample {  private static final String PROPERTIES_FILE = "";
  public static void main(String[] args) {    Injector injector = Injector.of(ModuleBuilder.create()        .bind(Config.class).to(() -> Config.ofClassPathProperties(PROPERTIES_FILE))        .bind(String.class).to(c -> c.get("phrase"), Config.class)        .bind(Integer.class).to(c -> c.get(ofInteger(), "number"), Config.class)        .bind(InetAddress.class).to(c -> c.get(ofInetAddress(), "address"), Config.class)        .build());
    System.out.println(injector.getInstance(String.class));    System.out.println(injector.getInstance(Integer.class));    System.out.println(injector.getInstance(InetAddress.class));  }}

See full example on GitHub