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ActiveJ 5.2 - Minor improvements

· One min read

ActiveJ v5.2 was released Apr 19, 2022 (see on Maven). This release includes minor improvements mainly for HTTP client/server and ActiveJ Serializer.

  • HTTP
    • Added dedicated enum for setting SameSite policy on cookies.
    • Malformed HTTP requests now result in a code 400 response rather than connection drop.
    • HTTP inspectors can now inspect malformed HTTP requests and responses.
    • RoutingServlet now correctly decodes percent-encoded URL path parts.
    • Added checks for DNS label sizes.
    • Minor improvements of the UrlParser.
  • ActiveJ Serializer
    • Added additional preconditions for subclass serializer.
    • Removed unnecessary caching from SerializerBuilder.
  • ActiveJ FS
    • Storage paths are now normalized, so local file systems now work properly with relative storage paths.