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ActiveJ 5.1 - Boot and ActiveJ FS improvements

· One min read

ActiveJ v5.1 was released Jan 4, 2022 (see on Maven). This release includes improvements to ActiveJ FS, ActiveJ Inject and boot modules in general.

  • ActiveJ Inject and boot modules
    • TriggersModule now properly handles optional dependencies
    • Nested optional dependencies (e.g. OptionalDependency<OptionalDependency<?>>) are prohibited
    • Services (as well as those obtained from an optional dependencies) are guaranteed to start/stop exactly once
    • Added shortcuts for obtaining optional dependencies from Injector
  • ActiveJ FS
    • Added a new exception to indicate errors in a structure of a file system.
    • Added a precondition that checks whether local file systems (LocalActiveFs and LocalBlockingFs) were started before being used.