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ActiveJ 5.3 - JMX improvements

· One min read

ActiveJ v5.3 was released Jun 17, 2022 (see on Maven). This release includes minor improvements to JMX, as well as several bug fixes.

  • JMX
    • Added the ability to use custom JmxReducers for @JmxOperations.
    • JMX attributes and operations of Map type now respect the specified JmxReducer when reducing map values.
    • Added the ability to specify a predicate for whether worker instances should be registered in JMX or not.
  • ActiveJ Codegen
    • Ability to use parameterized types for record fields has been added.
  • HTTP
    • Fixed a bug with quality factors parsing in headers.
    • Improved handling of runtime exceptions.
  • Datastream
    • Fixed acknowledgement completion in StreamReducer as well as in several StreamConsumers