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ActiveJ 4.3 - Small improvements for multiple modules

· One min read

ActiveJ v4.3 was released May 28, 2021 (see on Maven). This release introduced small improvements for multiple modules.

  • Added new method onConnecting to AsyncHttpClient 's Inspector. Now, the number of connection that are being established can be monitored via JmxInspector#getConnecting attribute
  • When HTTP connection closes, the proper exception is propagated to HTTP request and response body suppliers
  • ThrottlingController now throttles all the processing if tasks consecutively execute for abnormally long time
  • ForwardingStreamSupplier now correctly binds peer StreamSupplier to StreamConsumer
  • Fixed asynchronous recursion in ChannelSerializer
  • Missing measures in Aggregation are initialized with default 'zero' values
  • HyperLogLog now correctly adds int values