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ActiveJ 4.1 - Optimization and simplification

· One min read

ActiveJ v4.1 was released Mar 19, 2021 (see on Maven). This release included optimization and simplification of HTTP code, expanding functionality of some components.

  • HTTP refactoring and optimizations
    • Optimized and simplified processing of incoming HTTP messages, headers and URLs
    • Added preconditions for an HTTP message which guard against using recycled messages
    • User-created HTTP messages (HttpRequest for AsyncHttpClient / HttpResponse in AsyncServlet) are not recycled anymore (only message body is recycled if present), thus making it possible to cache and reuse them
  • Added Promise<Void> fetch() method to OTStateManager. Fetched changes are stored without being applied to the current state.
  • Improved casting of deserialized fields in ActiveJ Serializer
  • Added default Initializers for common components
  • Added preconditions when applying operations to LogOTState
  • Removed JmxModule from common HTTP launchers
  • Added new JMX stats to RpcClient for monitoring unresponsive RPC servers
  • Added ApplicationSettings method for obtaining a default Locale
  • Stick to using en-US locale when formatting EventStats and ValueStats