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ActiveJ 5.4 - Codegen and Serializer optimizations

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ActiveJ v5.4 was released on Aug 19, 2022 (see on Maven). This release includes improvements to ActiveJ Codegen,ActiveJ Serializer, and minor fixes to other components.

  • ActiveJ Codegen
    • Generated method calls that use self instances as method arguments are now automatically resolved.
    • Slightly optimized method lookup.
  • ActiveJ Serializer
    • Optimized serializer builder's cache. Ensured that previously defined serializers are reused.
    • Ensured that dangling references are cleaned up if serialization fails.
  • Net
    • Fix order of promise completion when SSL socket receives close_notify message.
  • HTTP
    • Multimap of HTTP headers is now properly resized.
    • Fatal errors in HTTP server connections are now handled correctly.
    • Added the HttpMessage#takeBodyStream method instead of the HttpMessage#getBodyStream method as it has a more semantically correct name. HttpMessage#getBodyStream method is now deprecated and is a candidate for removal in the next major release.
  • Misc
    • Added additional application error logging in Launcher.
    • Fixed @NotNull annotations for function parameters.