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ActiveJ 5.0-beta2 - Improved promises, cached class builder

· One min read

ActiveJ v5.0-beta2 was released Sep 01, 2021 (see on Maven). This release introduced improvements to promise API. As well as added support for persistent bytecode cache in ActiveJ Codegen module.

  • Promise
    • Greatly improved exception handling
    • Renamed promise chaining methods thenEx and mapEx to then and map
    • All of the changing methods now take "throwing" functions. If a checked exception is thrown in a chaining function, the whole promise is completed exceptionally
  • ActiveJ Codegen
  • ActiveJ Serializer
    • Added support for serializer annotation aliases
    • Improved array serialization
  • HTTP
    • Removed AsyncServletDecorator facility
  • Misc
    • Refactored types module
    • Various small improvements