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ActiveJ 5.0-beta1 - Improved type resolution and more

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ActiveJ v5.0-beta1 was released Jun 30, 2021 (see on Maven). This release introduced advanced type scanning and resolution facility and more changes resulting from impoved type support.

  • Refactored ActiveJ Inject module. Added ability to transform imported and exported bindings using patterns (see example)
  • Improved ActiveJ Serializer to add the ability to specify serializer annotations directly on type use (see example). Automatic class member ordering is now supported within the same JVM
  • Removed codec module. Components that require JSON marshalling now use the DSL-JSON library
  • Added new types module which contains various reflection and type utilities, including advanced type scanner
  • Common module has been massively refactored to make common functions and components more consistent
  • Added various DiscoveryService interfaces for node discovery within server cluster (RPC, FS)
  • Improved ActiveJ Codegen to allow calling super methods as well as protected methods
  • Restructured asynchronous exceptions
  • Made ActiveJ compatible with Java 16
  • Multiple small improvements